Winter’s Widow by Scarlett Scott


I fell in love with book one of the Wicked Winters, and in this twelfth installment, I was captivated once again.  Just like every other book, the lush plot lines meshed perfectly with the vivid, earthy characters.  The author has the uncanny ability to get you to bond with the characters; they are distinct, multilayered, and energetic.  I have been impatiently waiting for each of these books, and this one was brilliant.

I must say, I love a good story about a gaming hell.  I love gaming hell owners; they are always so colorful.  I like the idea that someone who has fought and clawed their way from poverty can get rich from overindulgent, titled gentlemen who like to gamble money they have never had to earn.  Demon Winter is not the owner of said establishment, but he does operate it for another family member.

Demon hails from the worse of the rookeries.  He has climbed his way to monetary security. However, his heart is empty, whether he knows it or not.  Demon’s virility and raw carnality sear the pages.  Mostly I love the patient, kind man he is inside.

Mirabel, the Duchess Of Stanhope, has finally gained her much-earned freedom from the deceased tyrant that was her husband.  Mirabel’s entire life circles around her three children which she loves ardently.  Being under the thumb of a cruel despot, she has never done anything for herself.  Once freed, she goes looking for companionship at Demon’s gaming establishment for ladies.  Mirabel’s iron strength mixed with innocence is intoxicating.  When she is first introduced, she is nervous and downtrodden.  Throughout the book, she finds her voice.  

Demon and Mirabel’s connection was sizzling with passion.  Demon, though rough around the edges, treated Mirabel with respect and reverence.  These two had a bumpy road mixed with surprises and obstacles. However, this just made me love the ending even more!

The plot was fantastic.  The secondary characters stood out.  Davy shone the brightest. He was so endearing yet frustrating at the same time.  He had me laughing frequently.  Many of us, in our day-to-day lives, give and give to other people or things until there is nothing left of us.  This isn’t always bad, for it is usually done with unconditional love.  The point is we lose our own identity and ignore our own needs.  Mirabel is in this situation with her children, giving them everything she has with no thought to herself.  Through Demon’s help, she finds that self-completion can be found in equilibrium with our responsibilities; you only have to take a step of faith and let it in.

Books with this kind of underlying, intricate storyline are hard to find.  The chemistry between the couple was spot on; they were just meant to be together.  It was healing, thought-provoking, and romantic.  I have fallen in love with this series from book one; this is another radiant addition.  Open up this book and enjoy the all-encompassing passion!

As I have stated before this is one of my favorite authors. I can always expect a great plot, lovable characters, romance, and a happily ever after! My favorite kind of book! There is usually a really nice epilogue at the end of each book in this series as well. This is the next to last book in the series, I am really sad to see it go. Out of all of Ms. Scott’s series, this is my favorite, although they are all really good. I am reading the ARC of the last book, Winter’s Warrior right now and will have that review tomorrow. I am also hosting a blog tour for The Design Of Dukes on Monday, it will have a new excerpt from the book! Be sure to stop by for both! Until next time, stay safe, be kind, and keep reading!

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