Travis by Mia Sheridan


Travis is a novel by Mia Sheridan.  This book is a continuation of Archer’s Voice.  It centers on Archer’s half-brother and villain from the first book.  Travis Hale is the police chief of Pelion, Maine, with a beautiful girlfriend, and his family has mostly forgiven him for his past mistakes.  Haven Torres and her brother are running from their tragic past by taking a road trip across the country.  When the siblings end up in Pelion, Haven finds herself drawn to Travis, and what starts as friends get complicated quickly.  Travis and Haven must reconcile their pasts to have a future together.

I love a good redemption story.  Travis is a complicated, intricate character.  Travis has felt second best his entire life.  Travis has made some egregious errors and is still paying for his misdeeds.  Travis’ journey of redemption is gut-wrenching and hauntingly emotional.  I wanted Travis to find peace and happiness.  The reader sees a broken man striving to improve but is dragged down by his past.  I fell in love with Travis and his journey.

Haven Torres is trying to run from her past.  Haven has significant trust issues.  She is afraid to let anyone in who could hurt her. Travis is that threat.  Haven’s journey to reconciliation and peace was beautiful.

This book is emotionally explosive.  Every detail has been lovingly written.  The secondary characters were terrific and made this book exceptional.  I loved the backdrop of small-town Maine.  The story moved well.  I was intrigued from the first page.  The last four chapters and epilogue were perfect!  Travis and Haven had to work hard for their happily ever after, but it was a joy to read.  This was my first book by Mia Sheridan, and I will read Archer’s Voice.  I highly recommend this to readers who love small-town contemporary romance.

Publication Date: April 4, 2023

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